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Tortilla chips production line

  • Model No.:ALLAN
  • Certification:CE ,CE
  • Made In:Taiwan
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  • Product Type:Potato Chips

Key Features

Corn Tortillas Chips: Kettle Fried and Continuous Kettle Fried

We provide Corn Tortilla chips turkey production line. Make Corn chips, Nachos, Tortilla chips.

Processing procedure:

1. Corn cooking and Steeping.

2. Corn washing

3. Corn grinding

4. Corn masa Sheeting

5. Roasting in Corn Oven

6. Equilibration

7. Continuous oil frying

8. De-oil

9. Flavoring

10. Cooling

11. Packaging

Feature of Sheeter Oven
1. Productions 220 kg/Hr
2. 2 stone rollers in head
3. Can make Nachos, Tortilla chips.
4. Electronic ignition and gas security button
5. Energy : Natural Gas or Propane
6. Exterior walls in Stainless steel
7. Can do Different Thick, sizes, forms.
8. Includes tortilla cutter standard size
9. Stainless steel Net food grade(304)

Feature of Screw conveyor
Constructed in stainless and designed steel
production :1,000 pounds per hour.
Motor: 1 H.P. 50/60 Hz
Measures: length 3 m height 94 cm. back part and front 2,16 m. of height,
It has an advanced system and backward movement to clean corn 100%, to obtain white tortilla or mass.
It takes the nixtamal from the cooker, washes it and it automatically passes it to the mill, with system of recycled water, worm and guides of six inches

Feature of Grinder
This machine makes corn Dough
1. Made in stainless
2. Stone ground variable 5, 7, 8, 10
3. Production variable 250 kg per hour
4. 1Electric motor 10 HP mono-phase or Tri-phase
5. Rowlock hi-resistance
6. Can work different density
7. Recommended to mill corn

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Product Certification:

Payment Details

  • Min. Order Quantity:1 Sets

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